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by William Ware, Sam Birnbaum, and Steven Muraco


What is it:

-The successful use of farming techniques that allow for the production of low budge crops in poverty stricken Third World countries.

-Global movement not only pertaining to India where it originated but other underdeveloped countries around the world


-Although the period between 1947 - 1967 is often thought as 'The Green Revolution'

-The actual successful farming methods and furthering of food self-sufficiency wasn't around the until about 1967-1978.

-Interest sparked during WWII in 1943.
Why start then:

  • Even after food shortages of the past, none compare to the Bengal Famine in which
    • An estimated 4 million died
    • The Indians were seen as a subclass and not fed properly or at all and starved
  • Need for food and a better source of agriculture was at its peak


-Even though the original cause or the Green Revolution was the lack of food in India in the 20th century it spread to many other places

-Areas such as Cuba, Mexico, the Philippines, and other places in both southeastern and eastern Asia


-Researchers for the Green Revolution looked for a so-called miracle seed, and eventually found one.

-This so called seed had its short comings though
1. The use of fertilizer was almost tripled or quadrupled in some case
2. Land becoming less fertile over the year
3. Although the production of these miracle crops make it easier for things to be produce the
poor and lower class is still unable to pay for the wheat, corn and other resources

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With an estimated 786 million people starving every day in the world, did this 'revolution' accomplish anything or create yet another barrier between the rich upper class and the poor starving lower class.

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What is it:
-Space exploration is the use of not only space technology but astronomy as well to discover parts unknown.

-Has been recently advanced exponentially in the past couple decades with the use of new technologies such as the space shuttle and satelites


-The first ever real space exploration was in 1609 by Galileo with his eight scope telescope which was used like most modern day telescopes to look up into the sky and watch the stars.

-The first satellite to ever to be launched into the atmosphere was sputnik on October 3rd, 1957

-The first man to enter outer space was Yuri Gagarin on April 12th, 1961.

-The first man to reach the moon was Neil Armstrong on Apollo 11 in 1961


-The major reason for the massive jump in space related technologies in the late 20th century was because of the space race

-The space race was a competition between the USSR and the USA.

-The combination of the soviet and americans minds working against each other to be better then the other represents the ideological struggle from the 1950s to 1990s called the cold war

-The need for one country to be better then the other has allowed for space technologies to advance so quickly that current space machinery would have been science fiction just 50 years

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Computers have recently surged in americans, and otherwise everyone in the world lives. We use them on a constant basis to do everything from talk to each other, play video games, and even go to college.

However Computers were not always this good.

  • The first computer was built in Germany during WWII called the Z1.

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  • This computer was later updated to more analog computers to the Z2 and Z3.

  • The First real time computer built in 1951 at MIT for the US Military.

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  • When the first IBM computer came out, Apple and IBM have started a battle in which who could make the best computer.

  • This is an apple computer commercial depicting the IBM CEO as 'Big Brother' when Macintosh was introduced.

  • People since then have been able to do their own work at home.
  • Almost ten percent of the worlds population own a computer, a number that is growing rapidly.


  • Besides the microwave invented in 1996, the computer has rised as a necessity in a persons home since 1983.

  • It started out as normal PC's with towers and monitors.

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  • However, computers have been greatly changed.
  • Labtops were invented in 1983 by Radio shack, a 4 lb. portable computer.
  • Later was the IBM labtop in 1984.

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  • These new computers have been greatly spread in our world today, because of there popularity.
  • Computers have boomed in every way in the last 20 years.
  • They now are very complex, but at the same time, people are finding ways to make is smaller and weigh less such as the MacBook Air.

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  • Computers are also now being advertised in many different ways, from this:

  • To this modern day commercial of a " Green Laptop":

  • Computers are now used in every way, whether you are doing your homework, or working from home, They are very complex items which makes them an important item in over half of americans lives.

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- Medical Breakthroughs have helped and improved many peoples lives in various ways. Many of these improvements happened because of the new technology that was created. Many people are thankful today for the new things that occurred in medicine.

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-Also many of these things made a more heathier life and safer environment for people. Thus increasing the life expectancy:

external image Web_img_73.jpg New VaccinesChicken Pox Booster- doctors are now recommending this vaccne twice to decrease the spread of chicken pox
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Menacta- this is a conjugate vaccine that protects kids from severeal cases of meningococcal bacteria Gardasil- a vaccine that has been approved to prevent cervical cancer in females form ages 9 to 26.
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New Technology New ambulence technology- there is now new touch screen computers in ambulences. This makes it easy for paramedic to diagnose the patient and record records.
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VELscope- this new machine allows for oral cancer tissue into treatable cancer for many
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Treatment of Chronic Back Pain- new technology called called spinal decompression has an 86% of curing this pain
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