By: Will Dinnerman, Graham Mentis, Marcus Geringswald and Jared Gosule terrorist_explosion.jpg


Terrorism is defined as the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political or nationalistic aims.

It has had a huge effect on many countries and millions of people.

The most prominent demonstration of terriorist actions on the United States occurred on September 11, 2001 when three aircrafts were overtaken and crashed.

Two of the planes went into each of the twin towers in New York City and the other crashed into a field in Pennsylvania.

These actions brought the problem of Terrorism into the eyes of Americans.

It was a “wake-up call” showing that things like this could really happen.

Acts of terrorism can come in many forms ranging from small car bombs to huge acts such as crashing planes into buildings.

Terrorism begins with hate.

Extremists in many countries may be angered or envy the governments of other countries.

They feel as though they need to show their opinion by killing and causing massive destruction and fear.

The goal is to instill fear in other countries and show the dominance of whatever the terrorists believe in.

Terrorism has been practiced by an array of political organizations for furthering their objectives and or goals.

It has been practiced by both right-wing and left-wing political parties, nationalistic groups, religious groups, revolutionaries, and ruling governments.


-There are multiple tactics used in modern terrorism

-One of the most infamous tactics was the only one of its kind to occur, where regular passenger planes are essentially used as missles and are aimed at buildings as shown in the picture and video above on 9-11


-Another tactic used by terrorists is the planting of bombs inside of planes, trains, etc.

BomberVest.jpgchinese-suicide-bombing1.jpg -One more example of a terrorist tactic is suicide bombings. These are the most common type of terrorist acts and they are

-Seen very commonly in the Hamas-Israel conflict and in the United States' war in Iraq

bin-laden.jpgal_qaeda.jpg -Brainwashing is a common strategy used to turn people to terrorism

-Osama Bin Laden is a key leader of Al-Qaeda

-Also caused by "misinterpritation" of holy books such as the Qur'an



-The Hamas are a group of Palistani extremists

-Infamous for suicide bombings in Israel's busses, synagogues, and Jewish owned stores

-Main belief is that Israel shouldn't exist


-In 1947 Israel was officially declared a nation after being split off from the nation of Palestine

-The day Israel was created, it was attacked, but was able to hold its own and survive the attack


-Another strategy used by the Hamas terrorists is to shoot rockets at Israel off of roofs


-Israel has responded with multiple bombings with the IAF, the best air force in the world


-Biggest supporter is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

-Ahmadinejad publicly stated he wants to blow Israel off the face of the Earth

-Reluctant to stop attacks on Israel

-Claim they will stop when Israel stops bombings

-Bombings have killed more innocent Palestinians than Hamas suicide bombings


  • 1980- Abimael Guzman (pictured above after capture) founded the Shining Path
  • Purpose to carry out armed takeover of the government
  • Wanted control for himself
  • Started in Ayacucho where Guzman taught philosophy
  • Followers were senderistas

Violence by the Shining Path
  • reguarded as a terrorist organization by Peru, Canada, and the US
  • 1980- Started violence by burning ballots in elections
  • Grew in populatity in the Andean areas
  • killed unpopular people like wealthy landowners
  • Government falied to act quickly
  • Military given power to do anything in order to capture Shining Path members
  • Rape and torture of innocent peasants suspected of being involved
  • military wore black ski masks to hide identity for safety
  • Rondas- civilian death squads that went looking to kill Shining Path members
  • Lucanamarca Massacre- Leaders and troops entered towns and killed 69 people in retaliation.
  • Killed 49 peasants including 14 children younger than fourteen.
  • 1983-Attacks on Lima including attacking electric transmission towers to create blackouts.
  • Industrial plant set on fire (below) and bomb set off in governing body house.
  • 1985-caused another blackout and set off car bombs near the government and justice houses.
  • 1992- set off a powerful bomb in the Miraflores district killing 2 and injuring 155.

  • assassinated many political targets including other leftist group leaders
  • had armed conflicts with the Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Moverment
  • brutal tactics on captured enemies
  • disreguard for human rights on victims
  • government inefficiency and killing of innocent people gave some support to the Shining Path
  • 1980-2000 - a commission on the Shining Path found 69,280 people were killed during the fighting
  • at least half died from the Shining Path and one third by the government troops.

Collapse and Resurgence of the Shining Path


  • 1992 Oscar Ramirez (pictured above) takes control of the Shining Path till he was captured in 1999.
  • Resurgence in the 21st century.
  • 2008- took 68 hostages from an Argentinian gas company Techint for ransom
  • two days later they left, but money ($200,000) was rumored to have changed hands
  • 2006 - troops were sent in to Shining Path areas to stop the escalating violence.
  • Membership was up to 300 people
  • 2006 - they attacked a military convoy killing 12 soliders and 2 civilians.
  • 2009 - their violence continued as they killed 13 government soliders.


external image 780px-Flag_of_al-Qaeda.svg.png
In between 1988 and 1990, this Sunni Islamic extremist group was founded.

Al-Qaedas origins have been traced back to the soviet war in Afghanistan, when foreign Arab Mujahedeen (Afghan Arabs) joined the Jihad against the Afghan Marxist regime.
external image Soviet_Army_Afghanistan.jpg

Al-Qaeda has attacked military and civilian targets in various countries.

Al-Qaeda's techniques include suicide attacks and simultaneous bombings of different targets.
external image BomberVest.jpg
external image 1.%20OSAMA%20BIN%20LADEN.jpgAll members must take a pledge of loyalty to Osama Bin Laden
external image al_qaeda.jpg

Al-Qaeda's objectives include ending foreign influence in Muslim countries and the creation of a new Islamic caliphate (which represents political leadership of the Muslim community)

1992- Al-Qaeda's first attack. On December 29th, two bombs were detonated in Aden, Yemen, at the Movenpick hotel and the parking lot of Goldmohur Hotel.
external image destroyed_building.jpe
external image gaza-attacks-016.jpg

This attack was meant to eliminate American soldiers going to Somalia to take part in a famine relief effort. However, no Americans were killed

1993- Al-Qaeda member Ramzi Yousef used a truck bomb on the world trade center. The towers merely shook instead of falling, and resulted in only 6 deaths (but 1,042 injuries).

external image 0,,5698204,00.jpg
external image eeis_03_img1123.jpg

After his capture Ramzi declared that this attack was not for religious purposes but because the U.S supported the Israeli occupation of Palestinian territories

1998- Al-Qaeda attacked the U.S embassy building in east africa, resulting in over 300 deaths.

external image 90s%20Tanzania%201998.jpgexternal image 01.jpg

2000- Al-Qaeda bombed the destroyer U.S.S Cole killing 17 U.S servicemen

external image 932e5c0e-bb98-4434-8267-e9477688d2a1.jpgexternal image 090205-obama-gitmo-vsmall5p.widec.jpg

The most well known Al-Quaeda attack occurred on 9/11/2001, and was the most devastating terrorist attack in U.S history. Two airplanes were flown into the world trade center towers, one into the pentagon, and another plane was intended to crash into the U.S capitol but crashed somewhere in Pennsylvania.

external image wtc-9-11.jpgThe attacks were lead by 19 terrorists, including Mohammed Atta, Bin Laden, Ayman Al-Zawahili, Khalid Shaikh, and Hambali

external image 619971508_af47e4d612_o.jpg

2974 people died in these attacks initially, but many health problems from people in the area emerged due to the inhaling of harmful particles that came from the debris.



  • Formed in 1969 as the armed wing of Sinn Fein.
  • Opposed British presence in Northern Ireland and wanted one unified Ireland
  • Opperated in Northern Ireland, the Irish Republic, Great Britain, and the rest of Europe
  • Comprised of sereral hundred members and many thousand sympathizers.
  • Recieved aid and weapons training from other terrorist groups and sympathizers in the US, Libya, etc.
  • Comitted bombings, robberies, assassinations, kidnappings, extortion, and smugglings.
  • 1997- a cease-fire led to Ira attacks halting
  • 1998- Belfast Agreement reached and the IRA was supposed to disarm.

  • Took place on April 24, 1916.
  • Only 2000 volunteers showed up
  • 16,000 British troops, a naval boat, and artillery subdued the rising.
  • Seized the General Post Office and riased a green flag having "Irish Republic" written on it.
  • public blamed the destruction on the IRA
  • people spat and threw stones at captured leaders
  • Sinn Fein was taken over by IRA members and turned into a party for their will.

IRA and Independence

  • Guerilla warfare against British forces in Ireland.
  • attacked police barracks
  • atacked outside of cities in bands of 20 to ambush British
  • killed catholics and burned homes in Belfast
  • Prisoners were excuted on both sides
  • Bloody Sunday-14 civilians were killed at a football match and 13 British men were killed in front of their families.
  • killed many Irish people loyal to the British

IRA Split and Current IRA (1969-Present)422314_050728gal_ira7.jpg
  • Split over how to deal with British and catholics in Norther Ireland.
  • Radicals were angred
  • Thought aid was coming for the other side because US and Europe didn't want another communist government in Europe.
  • Support lessened after failing to help Northern catholics against a loyalist attack
  • July 1970- Official IRA had a three day gun battle with 3,000 troops.
  • 1971- first assassination of a politican in years when a senator is murdered in his home
  • 1972- bombed Aldershot- British parachute regiment headquarters
  • 1980's- engaged in criminal activity to fund its activities
  • 1990's- violence has not been advocated by leaders
IRA bombing