Hey! Welcome to "Where in the World?" This site will help you prepare for the regents in a fun and challenging way. For the first three sections, a clue will be provided, and you must match the clue with each country. For the last section, a set of clues will be given, in which you must do the same. Of course, each country will be used more than once. Refer to the end of each section for an answer key.

Important: If you cannot see the letters on the maps, hold down the 'ctrl' key and press '+' or scroll up.

Pre-Recorded History to 1348


A. Inca
B. Maya
C. Aztec
D. Rome
E. Greece
F. Mongol Empire
G. India
H. Egypt
I. China
J. Ghana-Mali-Songhai
K. Britain
L. France
M. Persia
N. Japan
O. Mesopotamia
P. Carthage
Q. Macedonia
R. Korea
S. Byzantine Empire
T. Cradle of Life
U. Phoenicians
V. Ottoman Empire

1. We are famous for making purple dye. Where are we?

2. We were a great city until the Romans burnt us down. Where are we?

3. Our cities are known for our agoras and acropolises that provide for excellent defense of our citizens. Where are we?

4. All of life of every kind is thought to originate here. Where are we?

5. We created a dynasty in China, but it wasn’t presided over by the Chinese people. Where are we?

6. Even though we were thought to be much uncivilized civilization, we actually were extremely advanced in our science and mathematics, (i.e. our concept of the calendar and “0”). Where are we?

7. We were (and still are) known as the land bridge. Where are we?

8. Alexander the Great ruled here and expanded his great empire from this original territory. Where are we?

9. We had a government form which used to be a republic, but then we switched to a dictatorship. Where are we?

10. Our nation's great intellectuals and scientists created the base-10 number system, a system still in use today. Where are we?

11. We are the land of the Fertile Crescent, between the Tigris and Euphrates. Where are we?

The farmland between the Tigris and the Euphrates

12. We started the Great Schism of Christianity in Europe over the use of icons (we didn’t want them). Where are we?

13. We lost despite a young girl's help in the 100 Year's war. Pathetic, right? Where are we?

14. We go to war for our lord and god Huitzilopochtli, and we go often. Where are we?

15. If the mandate of heaven is lost, riots, floods, and hunger will soon be upon us. Where are we?

Mandate of Heaven

16. When our ruler made a "m"ilgrimage to Mecca, all the gold he brought with him inflated the economy, ultimately destroying it. Where are we?

17. Our invention of the longbow helped us win the 100 Years' war. Where are we?

18. Our powerful shogun backs up our emperor in ruling our nation. Where are we?

19. The religion of Christianity was first made here, but was not accepted right away. Where are we?

20. Our puny lives are watched upon by the mighty gods who laze about on Mt. Olympus. Where are we?

The leader of the gods on Olympus

21. Despite our army's ferocious strength, we were defeated by the Ionians. Where are we?

22. The largest river in the world lies in our domain, and it has many a cataract and delta. Where are we?

23. We use quipu as a way to record our history. Where are we?

24. The Paleolithic woman Lucy's remains were found here. Poor Lucy. Where are we?

25. Our glorious empire was the biggest land empire of all time, in part due to our masterful adroitness with the hoofed animal. Where are we?

A rider on said hooved animal.

26. Our importance in the world gradually tapered into relative nothingness after our loss in the Punic wars. Where are we?

27. Our city is located on the Mediterranean, was a contemporary of other great Mediterranean powers (like Rome and Greece), and is not located in Europe. Where are we?

28. We worshiped Inti, the sun god. Where are we?

29. We used ziggurats as temples to the gods, as well as town centers. Where are we?

An example of a ziggurat.

30. We were known as the “Gunpowder Empire.” Where are we?

31. During a certain regime in our country, we invented things such as porcelain, gunpowder, and paper money. Where are we?

32. We came up with the Estates General as an alternative governing body during the middle ages. Where are we?

33. The Vikings sacked us a couple of times, and we couldn’t really defend ourselves until Alfred the Great. Where are we?

34. Our soldiers followed a strict moral and ethic code called Bushido. Where are we?

35. We had a social caste system, and it was very hard to move between them. Where are we?

A few members of the Harijans.

36. We were international sea traders, and we had extensive trade relations with civilizations such as the Carthaginians. Where are we?

37. Our culture is a blend of Persian, Indian, Egyptian, and Mesopotamian culture. Where are we?

38. Our nation hosted the birth of Zoroastrianism. Where are we?

39. We caused the deaths of many of our people through sacrifice, usually by tearing out the sacrifice’s heart and offering it to the gods. Where are we?

40. We were under the Capetian dynasty, which evolved into the Bourbons. Where are we?

The Capetian Crest

41. We partook in the Peloponnesian wars between some of our nation-states. Where are we?

42. We came up with an improvement on Hammurabi’s code, the Justinian code. Where are we?

43. We dominated the Trans-Sahara trade with gold and salt. Where are we?

44. Our Golden Horde established a great empire known as the Golden Khanate. Where are we?

A bust of the leader of the Golden Horde

45. The majority of our civilization was between the Tigris and the Euphrates. Where are we?

46. We are known as the Middle Kingdom.

47. We took most of our culture and knowledge from the Middle Kingdom. Where are we?

48. We had the biggest system of roads of any civilization of our level. Where are we?

49. Our general Hannibal Lecter crossed the Alps to attack the Italians. Where are we?

50. We encased our deceased rulers in large geometric structures so that they would be able to be well prepared for the afterlife. Where are we?

Hint Hint

51. We helped to spread monotheism throughout Europe, which was previously animistic. Where are we?

52. We were a militaristic predominantly Muslim country. Where are we?

53. William the Conqueror took our country’s throne through force. Where are we?

54. The Mauryan Empire controlled our country except the southern part of it. Where are we?

55. Our empire was expanded by the great ruler Darius, who maintained standing armies and a good system of roads. Where are we?

A sculpture of King Darius

56. Our empire was expanded by the great ruler Cyrus, who permitted Jews to return to Jerusalem and had a respect for ancient civilizations. Where are we?

57. The Gaels were one of the causes of our eventual downfall, as they continued to pick at towns at our borders. Where are we?

58. Our army eventually became comprised of all mercenaries, as we gradually lost the money to pay the soldiers with. Where are we?

59. King Richard the Lionhearted III took our army and fought a glorious war in the third Crusade. Where are we?

60. By the end of the second Crusade, we were able to gain control of the Holy Land. Where are we?

Teutonic Knights during the Crusade

70. Our ruler was Tutankhamen, and he was one of the youngest we've ever had. Where are we?

71. Our country is where Zen Shintoism originated. Where are we?

72. We worshiped the ancient sun goddess Amateurish. Where are we?

73. We had an extensive trade empire which we used to introduce silk from China to Europe. Where are we?

74. We had one of the most extensive mythological systems from which many expressions originated, like "Achilles' Heel" and "Pandora's Box." Where are we?

This Trojan Horse also originated in this area.

75. In our city-sates, we went through many political systems, such as oligarchies, monarchies, republics, and dictatorships. Where are we?

76. In our effort to establish a strong government, we implemented bailiffs to go out and collect taxes for the government. Where are we?

77. After our ruler, Philip IV, died and left no heir, the English king made claim to our throne. Where are we?

78. We used cavalry as a huge tactic, using them to run across the steppe, and we also perfected the art of using a bow from horseback. Where are we?

79. We developed a writing system completely on our own, comprised of angled letters on stone blocks. We called it cuneiform. Where are we?

Here's some cuneiform

80. We predicted a galactic alignment that would lead to the apocalypse on December 21st, 2012. Where are we?

1U, 2P, 3E, 4T, 5F, 6B, 7R, 8Q, 9D, 10G, 11O, 12S, 13L, 14C, 15I, 16J, 17K, 18N, 19D, 20E, 21M, 22H, 23A, 24T, 26F, 27P, 28Q, 29A, 30O, 31V, 32I, 34L, 35K, 36N, 37G ,38U ,39Q ,40M ,41C ,42L ,43E ,44S ,45J ,46F ,47O ,48I ,49R ,50A ,51P ,52H ,53D ,54V ,55K ,56G ,57M ,58M ,59D ,60D ,61K ,62V ,63H ,64N ,65N ,66S ,67E ,68E ,69L ,70L ,71F ,72O ,73B, 74E, 75E, 76L, 77L, 78F, 79O, 80B



1. The Medici family ruled and patronized the artists here. Where are we?

2. The prince of humanism wrote the praise of folly here. Where are we?

3. Petrarch wrote his works on humanism here. Where are we?

4. The fall of one of our major cities helped to push the Renaissance into being. Where are we?

5. Thomas More wrote Utopia here. Where are we?


6. The great oil painter Jan von Eck began in our country. Where are we?

7. Johannes Gutenberg invented the printing press in our country. Where are we?

8. Dante began the use of vernacular in writing here. Where are we?

9. Pico Della Mirendola…. Angels and pigs (Oh Yeah). Where are we?

10. Martin Luther (or maybe his assistant, Philip of Melanchthon) posted the 95 these in our town. Where are we?

Luther's home town of Wittenberg

11. Ulrich Zwingli began his extremely controversial religion here. Where are we?

12. Calvinists called this town home, as this was where John Calvin began his religious campaign. Where are we?

13. The “Defender of the Faith,” our king, broke away from the pope here. Where are we?

14. Our country was where "Cuius regio, Eius religio" was decided upon. Where are we?

15. Our country hosted the meetings of the Council of Trent. Where are we?

The actual Council of Trent

16. John Huss called for church reform in our city. Where are we?

17. The Lollards congregated here to try to reform the church Where are we?

18. The church asked Martin Luther to recant his faith here, but he denied. Where are we?

19. Our country saw the beginnings of the art style that is known as Baroque. Where are we?

20. The original Act of Supremacy and all of its successive incarnations were passed by our kings and queens. Where are we?

21. Our nation is where Ignatius of Loyola founded the Jesuits. Where are we?

22. This is where the fated apple hit Sir Isaac Newton on his thinker, which then conceived gravity. Where are we?

23. Our country's own scientist, Copernicus, helped change the accepted view on the solar system. Where are we?

24. Galileo saw Jupiter from our country. Where are we?

25. We witnessed Vesalius dissecting a human body here, for the first time in history for medical purposes. Where are we?

Not only was Vesalius fascinated with bodies, he was also fascinated iwth putting bodies in dramatic postions

26. Our country is where "cogito ergo sum" was conceived. Where are we?

27. Our country is where the concept of deduction originated. Where are we?

28. Bacon conceived empiricism here in our country. Where are we?

29. Montesquieu wrote, "On the Spirit of Laws" here. Where are we?

30. Beccaria expressed his thoughts and ideas concerning torture and punishment in our country. Where are we?

Cesare Beccaria

31. The Tokugawa Shogunate ruled for a spell in our country. Where are we?

32. Our people and our leader Montezuma were conquered. Where are we?

33. Pizzarro and his men conquered our people, the indigenous civilization. Where are we?

34. Prince Henry, the great navigator, opened his school here in our nation. Where are we?

35. We had thought that Cortes was Quetzalcoatl, but he killed us. Where are we?

Hernan Cortes

36. We used quipus for keeping records. Where are we?

37. In our nation, the line of rulers followed the following pattern: JCOCJ. Where are we?

38. Our country's monarchs funded Columbus. Where are we?

39. De Las Casas brought religion to us "heathens." Where are we?

40. Marco Polo ventured to us and brought spices back to the Europeans. Where are we?

Marco Polo the Aged

41. De Game discovered a new route past us. Where are we?

42. Our nation was where the bubonic plague originated. Where are we?

43. The Spanish Armada was crushed by the forces of our nation here. Where are we?

44. Due to the battle of Lepanto, this area became a "Spanish lake." Where is it?

45. El Escorial was built by our ruler Philip II. Where are we?

46. The Roundheads, the great Cromwellites, defeated the Cavaliers of Charles I here. Where are we?

Lord Protector of England

47. Peter the Great westernized our country. Where are we?

48. We watched as the nobles became the playthings of Louis XIV. Where are we?

49. Our ruler Elizabeth ruled here with a real politique manner. Where are we?

50. Cardinal Mazarin and Cardinal Richelieu helped our young monarch Louis to rule. Where are we?

The majestic Cardinal Richelieu

51. The boyars had their beards cut off by our king. Where are we?

52. Our forefathers declared their independence from George. Where are we?

53. The Ming had the mandate of heaven at the time. How can we refute that? Where are we?

54. The Physiocrats and Adam Smith invented capitalism in our great nation. Where are we?

55. The steam engine was invented by the brilliant people in our nation. Where are we?

Steam, glorious steam!

56. The Edict of Nantes gave Huguenots rights in our country. Where are we?

1.E 2.E 3.E 4.Q 5.B 6.P 7.H 8.E 9.E 10.H 11.J 12.J 13.B 14.H 15.H 16.I 17.B 18.H 19.A/E 20.B 21.A 22.B 23.I 24.E 25.E 26.F 27.F 28.B 29.F 30.E 31.L 32.M 33.K 34.G 35.M 36.K 37.B 38.A 39.M 40.S 41.G 42.S 43.B 44.O 45.A 46.B 47.D 48.F 49.B 50.F 51.D 52.T 53.S 54.B 55.B 56.F



Europe & Africa

Australia & Asia
The New World

A France
B Britain
C Russia
D Germany/Prussia
F Mexico
G Brazil
H Grand Colombia
I Chile
J United Provinces of La Plata/Argentina
K Greece
L Austria/Hungary/Austria-Hungary
M Ottoman Empire/Turkey
N Italy
O Czechoslovakia
P Ethiopia
Q Ireland
R Spain
S Australia
T Belgium
U Japan
V China

1. Some of the members of the Estates General sat down in a Squash court and did not leave until they had a constitution. Where are we?

2. In our country, the British illegally sold cases of opium, angering our government. Where are we?

3. EURO: Our country had, in 1830; a coup d'etat took place here, in which Charles X abdicated. Where are we?

4. Our country was colonized by Britain, and it served as a penal colony for them. Where are we?

5. Our nation resisted the Italians twice before they were actually were able to conquer us. Where are we?

external image ItaloAbyssinianWarpainting.JPG

6. Our country united under Victor Emmanuel II in 1861. Where are we?

7. Commodore Matthew Perry came to our homeland wielding gunboat diplomacy. Where are we?

8. Our country fought for independence from Britain during the Great War. Where are we?

9. We gained our independence (again) in 1830 from Holland, after a space of only fifteen years of not having it. Where are we?

10. Our country experienced a civil war with guerrilla fighters. One side was lead by Francisco Franco. Where are we?

If i were a cubist, i may have painted about this.
If i were a cubist, i may have painted about this.

11. Our country, which was slowly deteriorating over the course of hundreds of years, finally collapsed after World War I and a new one replaced it, one that has remained up until modern day. Where are we?

12. Our country experienced a revolution in 1821, one of the first of many of the century. Where are we?

13. Bernardo O'Higgins, in 1817, liberated our country from the Spanish. Where are we?

14. Simon Bolivar was one of the leaders of our war for independence from Spain. Where are we?

15. Our country gained independence not through war, but through independence that was given to us, from Portugal. Where are we?

external image Rio_de_janeiro_1889_04.jpg

16. Our country located in the Americas decided to fight for its independence because it declared its mother country too liberal. Where are we?

17. We gained our independence from Spain with the help of Jose de San Martin, who also helped to liberate Peru. Where are we?

18. Our country had a "-" (hyphen) added to it in 1917, when a dual monarchy was imposed to please the Magyars. Where are we?

19. The chancellor of our country practiced realpolitik and also advocated blood and iron policies. Where are we?

20. Our country experienced a revolution during the Great War, and we retreated from the war through the treaty of Brest-Litovsk. Where are we?

Despite withdrawing from the war, our armies never ceased to practice
Despite withdrawing from the war, our armies never ceased to practice

21. One of our leaders, Gladstone, was relatively liberal, was a huge advocate of the Home Rule Bill for a close dominion. Where are we?

22. Quite stupidly, our country signed a blank check with Austria-Hungary, ultimately causing the Great War. Where are we?

23. Directly prior to the First World War, our country committed atrocities against the Armenians. Where are we?

24. Our country was able to take a major religious city due to the French being occupied in the Franco=Prussian war. Where are we?

25. The Treaty of Nanking took place in our country, which ceded one of our major cities to the British. Where are we?

external image Nanjingtreaty.jpg

26. Our country ceded the Sudetenland to Germany in the Munich Conference of 1938. Where are we?

27. Our awesome, wonderful, united country defeated Russia in 1905. Where are we?

28. Hallie Selassie, ruler of our country, appealed to the League of Nations to stop an invading country (the League of Nations only imposed "sanctions," useless). Where are we?

29. A famous cubist artist depicted the bombing of one of our main cities immortalized our struggle. Where are we?

30. Our country received a message from Germany to attack one of the Allies during the Great War. Where are we?

Devious, devious Zimmerman
Devious, devious Zimmerman

31. Our country imposed an Open Door policy on China. Where are we?

32. The Sturmabteilung was the private army for the main political party in our country leading up to World WAR II. Where are we?

33. In our country, a terrorist army was formed, the IRA, that fought for home rule off the record. Where are we?

34. Some of our country's rulers deported kulaks, the rich and rebellious peasantry, to gulags, labor internment camps. Where are we?

35. Right after our unification, our country was divided into an industrial north and a rural south. Where are we?

external image BattleofMagenta.jpg

36. Our government shifted to a government composed of leftist labour parties, known as the Popular Front. Where are we?

37. The Treaty of Lausanne officially terminated our country, and renamed it. Where are we?

38. Our country attempted the Schlieffen Plan as a strategy to win World War I as quickly as possible. Where are we?

39. This peace conference in 1814-1817 kept the defeated country (or the country of its former defeated ruler) in the conference and also was not overly harsh to it. Where was this

40. Our country saw the rebellion of the Harmonious Order of the Righteous Fist. Where are we?

Boxers Unite!
Boxers Unite!

41. Due to huge amounts of stock speculation and mass withdrawal of money from the bank, the global Great Depression began in our country. Where are we?

42. Our country faced the Meiji Restoration, a bloody revolution that overthrew the previous government. Where are we?

43. Our country, although incredibly self-destructive, practiced a scorched-earth policy against Napoleon. Where are we?

44. Our country issued the Monroe Doctrine, saying that we would protect the Americas from further colonization. Where are we?

45. Towards the end of her rule, one of "the Great" rulers in our country expanded our country through further partition of Poland. Where are we?

external image CathyII.jpg

46. Our country witnessed the birth and rise of an economic philosopher who conceived an economic system which Russia attempted to follow. It contained three distinct stages, citing capitalism as a necessary one. Where are we?

47. Our ruler, right before World War II, 'purged' our nation of his political enemies. Where are we?

48. Right before World War II, our country had a full fledged Labour Ministry as the dominant power. Where are we?

49. Our country gave rights to the Holy Land to Russia, igniting the Crimean War. Where are we?

50. In our country, some of our citizens settled in the southern area and drove out citizens of a neighboring country, forming the "Lone Star" state. Where are we?

external image Palo_Alto_nebel.jpg
51. Our country gained Korea in a war with China and a war with Russia. Where are we?

52. Our country experienced a total overthrow of our old government in the Taiping rebellion. Where are we?

53. We joined World War I because one of Germany's U-Boats sank a ship with many of our citizens on it. Where are we?

54. Our nation saw the ailing economy worsen with the occurrence of Black Tuesday and Black Thursday. Where are we?

55. Our country held a conference in Europe to help divide Africa among the colonial powers. Where are we?

external image Afrikakonferenz.jpg

56. Our country had Leon Blum leading our country. He was distinct for his religion. Where are we?

57. Our nation was Fascist, and it included corporatism and syndicalism. Where are we?

58. Our country changed alliances halfway through the Great War, only to be replaced by the Ottoman Empire in our former alliance. Where are we?

59. Our country was represented by Sinn Fein, meaning "Ourselves Alone," in our parent country's governing body. Where are we?

60. Our nation utilized Panzers as one of the first powers to use tanks in warfare.
Where are we?

external image 98-animate.gif
1A, 2V, 3A, 4S, 5P, 6N, 7U, 8Q, 9T, 10R, 11M, 12K, 13I, 14H, 15G, 16F, 17J, 18L, 19D, 20C, 21B, 22D, 23M, 24N, 25V, 26O, 27U, 28P, 29R, 30F, 31E, 32D, 33Q, 34C, 35N, 36A, 37M, 38D, 39A, 40V, 41E, 42U, 43C, 44E, 45C, 46D, 47C, 48B, 49M, 50E, 51U, 52V, 53E, 54E, 55D, 56A, 57N, 58N, 59Q, 60D ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------.JPGGood job! Now, just to make sure all concepts are secured a quick "cool down" section. Make sure you keep working hard, though!


Map of Erupoe, Asia, and Africa

1. Our country had: Mao.jpg
-an economy that was and is growing to become one of the largest economic powers in the world.
-Communist rule since October 1, 1949 under Mao Zedong.
-Mao’s great leap forward in 1958-1962 that collectivized farming and utterly failed.
-Its people brainwashed with the little red book.
-Revolts for democracy have been attempted such as the Tiananmen Square Massacre but have failed.
-Deng Xiaoping help modernize this country
Where are we?

2. Our country had:

-Committed the Rape of Nanking against China
-Participated in WW2 under the Axis powers
-Participated in the Attack on Pearl Harbor
-Been the last axis power fighting to sign a treaty in WW2
-Two atomic bombs dropped on them in 1945, leading up to their surrender in WW2
Where are we?

cold_war.jpg3. Our country had, prior to 1985…

-Fallen because of economic problems and could not afford arms race.
-The U.S. as their main opponent in the cold war.
-Many satellites in Western Europe. Those slowly declared independence which led to the downfall of this country
-Gorbachev introduce policy of Glasnost and perestroika to the people
-Yeltsin introduce shock theory which lowered trade barriers removed price controls. Big failure
-Became a member of the Warsaw pact
Where are we?

4. Our country had:
-Been involved in a missile crisis between three countries: U.S., Soviet Union, and them
-Fidel Castro come to power in 1959
-Tensions with the U. S. up to today
-Castro nationalize the country. He also took over American businesses
-U. S. place an embargo on trade
Where are we?

5. Our country had:
-Used Blitzkrieg, which involved overwhelming the opponent very quickly with a large force.

-Nazis as their main political party
-Been divided up into four parts after WW2
-The responsibility of the Holocaust
Where are we?

6. Our country had: mussolini.jpg
-Been ruled under Prime Minister Benito Mussolini between 1922-1943
-The fascists as their main political party in this country.
-Been Part of the axis powers

-Mussolini formed the black shirts to intimidate and terrorize his enemies
Where are we?

7. Our country had:

-Winston Churchill as their prime minister between 1940-1945 and 1951-1955
-Been a member to the Allied powers.
-Practiced appeasement towards Hitler
-Held to the first air to air battle against the Luftwaffe. This was a turning point for the future of WW2
Where are we?

8. Our country had:

-Been the first country to be invaded by Germany in WW2
-Many concentration camps built in this area.
-While being invaded, Germany bombed its capitol, Warsaw
-Germany test its strategy of Blitzkrieg here
Where are we?

9. Our country had:

-Sided with Britain, and moved its troops up to its border to meet Germany’s troops. Nothing happened and is known as the Phony War
-Appeased Hitler and was part of the League of Nations.
-Experienced an embarrassment at the rescue at Dunkirk.
-Fell to Germany on June 22, 1940
Where are we?

skulls.jpg10. Our country had:

-A mass genocide of 1.7 million people between 1975 and 1979
-Pol Pot lead the Khmer Rouge
-Pol Pot attempt to mold a completely new society by whatever means necessary
-People died by execution, starvation, disease, exposure to elements, and overwork.
Where are we?


11. Our country had:
-In the spring of 1994, nearly one million people die due to genocide
-Conflicts between Tutsis and Hutus (two different social groups)
-Economic differences deepen between the two groups, resulting in Tutsis becoming targets blacks_with_machete.jpg
-Machetes and clubs as the two most widely used weapons
-Little response from the rest of the world. The U.N. sent in troops but they were not allowed to fire upon the natives.
Where are we?

12. Our country had:
-Been divided along the 38th parallel
-Been divided between the North and South. The North was communist while the south was republic.
-China get involved by supporting the North while the U. S. supported the south
-The North and south sign an armistice in 1953 but no peace treaty has been signed since then
-This country remains divided up today.
Where are we?

vietnamn.jpg13. Our country had:

-A war break out in 1954-1973 stemming off from a containment policy.
-Ho Chi Minh lead the nationalist side against the U. S.
-Been divided up between the North and South. The North was communist while the south was supported by the U. S.
-China get involved and supported the Viet Minh (Northern troops).
-The Viet Cong (Southern troops), were supported by the U. S.
-There were big anti-war feelings from Americans which contributed to their withdrawal.
-This country is no longer divided up between the North and South
Where are we?

14. Our country had:

-Been a former colony of Britain
-Gained independence in 1963 under the leadership of Jomo Kenyatta
-Petitioned for African representation to England
-Between 1952 and 1960, an uprising occur which later turned into what is known as the Mau Mau revolt. It was over England occupation in their territory
-After England signed the petition, had problems with land reforms and corruption
Where are we?

15. Our country had:

-Been a British colony
-Won their independence in March, 1957 under the leader hip of Kwame Nkrumah.
-After the British government sign a petition granting their independence, the civilians and military controlled the government. The government later became corrupted.
Where are we?

16. Our country had:
-Been a former colony of Belgium.
-Many cases of soldier brutality against the people such as cutting off people’s hands. These were used as trophies
-Won their independence in 1960 under the leader ship of Patricia Lamumba
-After a violent revolt to gain independence, civil war break out and the country changed its name
Where are we?

17. Our country had: drugs.jpg

-It’s economy based on the cash crop coffee
-Drug cartels play a big role since they owned private armies, airplanes, ships, laboratories, and processing plants. They bribed politicians, giving them political influence
-The U. S. cut off most economic aid in 1996 and 1997 because of drug trafficking
-The majority of people living in poverty and there was corruption in the government
-Drug cartels stationed mainly in Medellin and Cali
Where are we?

18. Our country had:

-The U. S. interested in it because it was close to the Panama Canal
-In 1936, the Somoza come to power, using the nation’s money for their own personal gain
-The Somoza overthrown in 1979 by the Sandinistas
-The U. S. disapproved of the Sandinista government because the U. S. accused them of supporting guerrillas nearby El Salvador
-The Contras, backed by the U. S., overthrew the Sandinistas
-Violetta Chamorro elected president in 1990. This caused friction since she was a girl and their society believed in Machismo
Where are we?

19. Our country had:

-Been Poorest country in Latin America
-Toussaint Louverture secure native control in 1797
-Jean Bertrand Aristide as their First President in 1991
-Aristide overthrown after being in office for three months. The U. S. reinserted him into office in 1994.
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20. Our country had:
-Been essential to trade between the Atlantic and Pacific due to its location and canal.

-The French start building the canal in 1880
-While building the canal, problems such as malaria/yellow fever sprang up, causing the French to back out of the project.
-The U. S. continue building the canal and opened it in 1914. The U. S. agreed to share the profit with the country and also agreed to back out in 1999
President Manuel Noriega involved in drug trafficking, resulting in his arrest by the U. S. panama_canal.jpg

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